Andreea Deneș Petra,
certified psychologist

Continuing online psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy is based on the same fundamental components as the classical one, only that it uses communication in distance. Online psychotherapy is a good solution, when traditional psychotherapy is not accessible for various reasons.But it is becoming increasingly clear that the techniques (at least the cognitive-behavioral ones) are increasingly adapted to the online environment. Also, at this time it is possible the clinical evaluation but also establishing the diagnosis online.

The only thing that separates a man from what he wants from life is often just the desire to try and the belief that it is possible

Richard M. Devos​

Within the cabinet we can discuss everything, confidentiality defining the whole therapeutic process. I will help you to understand yourself better and get what you want in order to have a healthy life, with value and meaning.

We will agree on the frequency of meetings, this being discussed according to the need /the needs identified, but you will be the one to decide when to end the therapeutic relationship, when you will feel it.

Until the first meeting, it will be very helpful for you to think about the goals you have regarding the therapeutic process.

In other words, what can I help you with, what would you like to happen during this time so that at the end of the meetings we have, you can say: `The meetings with my therapist were helpful in this time’.


For individuals

  • Psychological testing
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Psychological counseling / consultation
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Personal development for children, adolescents and adults
  • Parenting
  • Group (couple and family) / group psychotherapy
  • Post-operative and preventive psychological assistance
  • Preoperative training
  • Psychological consultations / Counseling / Supportive psychotherapy

For employers

  • Intervention to optimize group processes, organizations, communities
  • Improving the professional performance of the employees
  • Increased motivation of employees regarding the work done within the company
  • Psychological intervention for optimization, human resource development
  • Cognitive-behavioral coaching
  • Periodic psychological evaluation and behavioral analysis
  • Running programs for the promotion of mental health in organizations, prevention of illnesses at the individual and group level
  • Assessing employee stress and facilitating the coordinates for activating resilient resources, with the possibility of adapting to future stressful situations
  • Psychological consultations / Counseling / Supportive psychotherapy

For employees

  • Psychological counseling, broadening the professional horizon and increasing personal efficiency
  • The possibility of easier switching from dysfunctional to functional emotions
  • The development of communication skills: empathetic, assertive and strategic
  • Reducing stress, with the possibility of learning relaxation methods and techniques
  • Personal Development

For future employees

  • Mental health assessment and behavioral analysis


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