You can benefit from the following types of services:

Services offered for individuals:

  • Psychological testing;
  • Psychological evaluation refering to the psychological factors involved in health and mental disorder / illness, disabilities, development. The psychological evaluation can include:

Emotional (Affective) Assessment; Cognitive Asessment: perception, temporal-spatial orientation, attention, memory, verbal rhythm; Behavioral assessment; Psychophysiological evaluation; Personality evaluation and defense / coping / adaptation mechanisms, Evaluation of eating behavior; Evaluation of the context of interpersonal relationship (couple, family, group, etc.); Assessment of psychopathological tendencies; Evaluation of psychological development; Assessment of strengths, resources;


  • Psychological counseling / counseling;
  • Individual psychotherapy;
  • Psychological intervention for managing anxiety, adaptive disorders, insomnia;
  • Psychological intervention for managing gambling behavior,
  • Psychological intervention for managing stress;
  • Psychological intervention for recovery and empowerment for psychology intervention;
  • Intervention in psychological, psychopathological, risk and crisis situations;
  • Psychotherapeutic interventions in eating disorders;
  • Psychotherapeutic interventions for smoking cessation;
  • Anger management psychological interventions;
  • Personal development for children, adolescents and adults;
  • Parenting ;
  • Group (couple and family) / group psychotherapy (eg: treatment of pathology and / or health promotion);
  • Preoperative ,post-operative and preventive psychological assistance;
  • Psychological consultations / Counseling / Supportive psychotherapy;
  • Psychological intervention for improving the actions that involve decision making;
  • Identifying, demonstrating and practicing thinking skills with the elderly persons;


  • Psychological testing designates the process of proper administration of a psychological test, rating and interpreting its results, while psychological evaluation represents a more complex process that can be accomplished through free, structured, semi-structured interviews, through the administration of psychological tests and through various other assessment tools.
  • The quotation and the interpretation of the results of the psychological evaluation can be materialized in the form of the writing of some useful documents: precondition for hiring and / or carrying out activities that require by law the psychological examination associated with the state of health, eg: testing of teachers, public officials, etc., thus the preparation of : psychological reports, written psychological advice.
  • Therefore, psychological assessments can be carried out in the form of self-service, depending on the needs identified in children, adults and the elderly, for the individual, couple, family, group / organization.

Services for companies with the possibility of negotiating the sessions packages



  • For employers:

– Intervention to optimize the group,organizations, communities processes;

– Improving the professional performance of the employees;

– Increasing the motivation of the employees regarding the work done within the company;

– Psychological intervention for optimization and development of human resource;

– Cognitive-behavioral coaching;


Periodic psychological evaluation and behavioral analysis

-Running programs to promote mental health in organizations, prevention of illnesses at the individual, group level;

-Evaluation of employee distress and facilitating the coordinates for activating resilient resources, with the possibility of adapting to future stressful situations;


  • For employees:

 – Psychological counseling, broadening the professional horizon and increasing personal efficiency;

– The possibility of easier switching from dysfunctional emotions to functional ones;

-Developing the communication skills: empathetic, assertive and strategic;

– Stress reduction, with the possibility of learning some relaxation methods and techniques;

– The identification of their own cognitive schemes and modes, with the possibility of activating resilient, serendipitous and intuitive resources;

– Personal Development;

  • For future employees:

 -Evaluation of mental health,needs and behavioral analysis.

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