About Infertility

Psychological infertility often involves the medical diagnosis: infertility due to unknown causes

Psychiatrist Martin Rush: The woman's body reveals what is hiding in her mindin the book Decoding the Secret Language of Your Body. The blockages regarding a pregnancy can be also psychological by nature: any emotional problem, conflict or dysfunction of this nature can cause a psychophysiological reaction, including regarding a pregnancy. Both the individual psychotherapy for the unblocking of the personality structures of each partner, as well as that of the couple can be helpful for the unblocking of these constructs. Often there can be problems within the couple eg lack of confidence, emotional immaturity, or various other conflicts … The challenges that arise are such mental and physical by orientation.

Today’s medicine is more and more of the opinion that the mind and body are very closely linked: frequent stress, but also high expectations can have a physical impact.At the same time, there is a wide range of methods of diagnosis and treatment. The stress itself can influence the hormonal balance and the quality of reproductive cell material.

For women: Together we can eliminate the mental causes that support the present condition in your body. The treatment, both physically and psychologically, can increase your chances of pregnancy chances. The factors that affect the possibility of the woman to become pregnant are various.

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