Emotional development since pregnancy

The emotional development of the baby is an important factor in the health of the baby. There are many researchers who say that the emotional state of the mother also influences the health of the baby …

Also, after birth, babies being extremely reactive to the mother’s emotional states, the first few months are very important in terms of the baby’s emotional development. This, for several reasons, can take a very good turn, if the mother herself is psychological assistated.

If you ask yourself various questions such as:
How could I cooperate with the child without forcing myself or needing to scream?
Find out how a psychologist can help you in this regard, as well as in your personal development.

I develop myself and create a secure attachment for my child
The good relationship you can have with your child can make him feel secure enough to develop himself fully and can influence the way in wich he will interact, communicate and form relationships throughout his life.
A secure attachment is formed when you, as a mother, respond to the physical and emotional needs of your baby. Due to the fact that you and your child are in a process of synchronization, you recognize and respond to the emotional signals of each other. Your very intense emotional states, as a mother, may break these bonds. Thus, you may tend to interact less with your child. and you may be less inclined to breastfeed, play with the baby, in other words you cannot optimally meet his real needs that age.
Building bonding with the childs not only helps the babies, but it can also help release endorphins that can make you feel happier and more confident as mothers.

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