Who am I?

First of all, I’m a person, just like you; I was wrong and I learned; I fell and I got up,in different ways. I had my difficult moments, which I managed with specialized help. I learned to enjoy every moment of my life and to access my own resources.

I thank the people I met over time and who in one form or another helped me reflect on things and situations in my life. Thus, I can resonate better  with people who need psychological help and so that they can capture an optimal source of inspiration in their lives.

I have experience in:

I studied:

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, specialization of Psychology, University of Bucharest- Full-time courses;

Specializations: Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Schema Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling, Applied Psychology in the field of National Security, Postgraduate Studies in Psycho-Oncology; Specialization Studies in the Rorschach Psychodynamic Test;

Since 2012 I am both a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist, working both within my own practice and within the clinical profile institutions (currently:https://www.medicover.ro/cauta/1,i,171?Query=Andreea+Denes)

Affiliation: Member of the College of Psychologists in Romania (C.O.P.S.I), Member of the Association of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (AHPCC) Bucharest;

I did not think during high school that I will become a psychologist (in my high school I attended a real profile class: mathematics-informatics). In the final year I prepared for admission to the Faculty of Psychology-University of Bucharest, following various specializations of profile.

As a psychologist, I started my professional activity conducting personal development workshops for children. Thus, using the game as a method of working with them, and later working in a clinic with socially disadvantaged people and with multiple needs, I reminded myself how much useful is this method of expression even in adulthood when is the case and with who is the case. The game helps to keep a happy child inside each of us and implicitly to the existence of a psychically Healthy Adult.

My professional activity taught me that: the physicist can incorporate the expression of the psychic, but vice versa: the valence of the psychic, can find their expression in the physic.

I think we need to really know ourselves, not to worry about what is not ours so we can be happy and evolve.


More about immunity

The researchers gathered multiple evidences, showing that the negative emotions and distress that the nervous system experiences, do not have a good response on the immune response, there is an interdependence relationship between various sciences including: immunology, neurology and psychology, and by some other authors endocrinology also. This influence that is integrating and at the same time multidisciplinary facilitates a better understanding between body and mind. Due to the effects produced by human thinking, psychoneuroimmunology has at the same time the role of monitoring the health of the individual. Both the immune and nervous systems can self-regulate and can give the body a response to the environment using psychic resources, the immune system being connected to the emotional response.

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Trauma can play an important role in our physical health.

More about the origins and implications of counterproductive health behaviors developed on a vulnerable emotional background in the following sequences from video interview.

David Prescott is Director of the Department for Professional Development and Performance Optimization at the Beckett Center in New England, USA.

Destructive emotions & Healing emotions

Emotions are a part of ourselves. Although we often try to deny, suppress or even reduce them, emotions (even the negative ones) can be functional and thus extremely important for survival. They can guide us and prepare our body to respond to the environment.

Daniel Goleman, an internationally renowned psychologist, has long written about brain activity and behavioral sciences in the New York Times and has been invited as a professor at Harvard University. In recognition of his efforts to popularize behavioral sciences to the general public, he was named an honorary member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Daniel Goleman was the main consultant at the World Economic Forum, exchanging views with the world’s most influential leaders: Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton, David Cameron. It has inspired millions of people and brought resonant values where only someone of a high academic and spiritual level can bring.

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About hypnosis and not only

Hypnosis is a state of concentrated awareness and at the same time it can be useful to several fields of activity. The ability to communicate is an essential component of socio-emotional intelligence. The metaphor is considered to be the most effective method for delivering the informations quickly and directly into the subconscious of the person you are communicating with.

Brent B.Geary, Phd is the president of Behavioral Health Systems and coordinator of the Training Program at the Milton H. Erickson Foundation-Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the author and co-author of several works on life, opera and work by Milton Erickson.

The disease and its impact on the whole family

Anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, nervousness; resentments related to illness within the family can be easily transmitted to children, so they need to be protected, existing some methods to prevent their psychic disorders. The whole family of the person is affected by the consequences of the neoplastic disease (cancer), and this is considered to be a disease of the entire family, the children being more emotionally vulnerable. The whole family dynamic depends on the evolution of the entire oncological process, so the possibilities of psychological support must be extended to the whole family.

Marco Romeo is an international psychologist and psychotherapist.He stands out among the specialists in the field through his vast experience, the participation in numerous congresses, conferences, scientific manifestations, as well as publications describing the impact of emotions in our life..

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