The birth. A happy family together!

Congratulations! You just gave birth!
It is a huge reason for happiness in your life… It is important that you have someone who can help you to meet the multitude of emotions that surround you in these moments.
The way the baby experiences the mother’s emotions and states and the way he is directed to channel these states can influence the formation of a happy child.

Family life and the atmosphere inside represents the first “course” that the child attends in the formation of emotional intelligence.

After birth, hormonal changes occur, so women experience a significant decrease in estrogen and progesterone hormone levels.

Thyroid levels may also decrease, leading to fatigue and depression.
• Most of the women immediately after they gave birth, can have some symptoms as baby blues (post-partum blues disorder).At the same time, it is considered that in case of certain disorders, to be for a very short period of time, preventing the adverse evolution, eg postnatal depression, delirious melancholia, puerperal psychosis and manic episode. Thus, one can consider psychological counseling, personal development or psychotherapy for concretizing healthy behaviors in relation to the child, but also to the husband.
In this way you can allow:
• developing and maintaining contact with other adults, the new mothers often experiencing loneliness and exhaustion in relation to these;
• improving the self-esteem and self-confidence of the woman;
• the stimulation of communication;
• exploring family relationships, friendships, passions and self-knowledge;
• managing certain problem behaviors with the help of more efficient strategies;

It is known that most of all divorces occur after the birth of a child.

For most men and women, the connection they have with their partner is the main source regarding both their social, but also their emotional expression.

The needs a of a child can get in the way of this relationship and break it, unless couples give time, energy and thought to keep in touch.
It is also preferable the psychological assistance of the father both before and after the birth of the woman.

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