I take care of my immunity

The problems we can face can be treated in several ways. In any case, a healthy approach is to recognize and accept them. It is not wrong to do so in order to feel better through various methods and means to overcome some of them.But at the same time, the problems are to be treated. If we do not treat the problems (medical or psychological), it will not simply disappear, without us doing something about them. The problems will reappear on another occasions and in other ways, if we do not solve them.

Fear, in itself, is an emotion that submits to the mechanism of survival, and depending on its magnitude, it can be expressed in a functional or dysfunctional way. We need to use contexts in our favor and thus adopt a resilient attitude so to weake our vulnerability to disease and to strengthen the immune system in all its forms. As in other crisis situations,in this current one generated by the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 too, the problem is to be addressed first on that side that appeared.This also means taking into account the rigorous recommendations coming from the competent institutions. In any case, dysfunctional negative emotions can weaken the immune system and increase its vulnerability to the disease.

The behavioral responses given by external events are to be weighed and manifested in the context of health. People who have developed this ability, of resilience, at a high level, can maintain their health better even if they are under high pressure / and major changes.

Thus, the human body is maintaining its own coordinates of the homeostasis state, but we need to feed ourselves these guidelines, and often we need specialized help to achieve this.

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